Blossoming Questions

Why is my All the Rage Rose not blooming?
I planted 2 Easy Elegance® roses this spring, but I’ve seen no signs of new growth. They are in full sun, and I have tried to keep them well watered. Would cutting them back a bit prompt new growth?
I’ve had my hydrangea for 8 years and hasn’t bloomed yet. Has beautiful green leaves and beautiful shape. Help!
How can I buy the Bloomify fertilizer you show on your website?
Do you have tips on how to help my Strawberry Sundae® Panicle Hydrangeas to stand up straight? I’ve read that I should prune them back about 1/3 and I’ve also heard to prune the thinner branches that cross over one another. How about fertilizing?
The leaves get really dark brown, black spots on them. It almost looks like black spot that roses get. I don’t water the top of the bush, unless I am fertilizing it. So I try really hard to keep the top dry. I hope you’re able to tell me what to do to prevent this from happening again this summer.
Where is the video on the garden gab page on how and when to fertilize my Endless Summer hydrangea?
I received hydrangea this past spring for my birthday in May. Do I need to cover it for the winter?
I’d appreciate advice on how to over-winter my Endless Summer hydrangeas in urns. For instance, should I move them into the garage (unheated), then when, or give them a special fertilizer? I’m hoping they will re-bloom next year and remain healthy planter plants for several years. I’m in Zone 7b (northern NJ).
I have bought the Blushing Brides online. When receiving the plant, I found some dead spots on almost all leaves. I have asked the staff and they replied it is not the disease. It is only because of high humidity during the transportation. However, I have no experience with this situation. Because I have other Endless Summer collections in my yard, I want to make sure this will not infect my other plants.
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