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Last April I bought Endless Summer hydrangeas Summer Crush – it had 2 blooms on it when I purchased it and only had 1 more bloom the rest of the year. What happened?
Trying to find out the color difference between Strawberry Vanilla, Strawberry Sundae
and Berry White hydrangea. Which one has more bright color at the end?
My Summer Crush is totally brown in the original pot I purchase it in. Please help. I thought it would come back this year and I would plant in a flower bed.
I have a reblooming lilac that only blooms once in the early spring.How do I get it to rebloom?
How do I get rid of grasshoppers in my garden bed?
I live in North Carolina and would like to transplant 3 endless summer hydrangeas. Is this time of year ok to transplant?
Could you please let me know if I can grow hydrangeas in south florida? I loved them when I was in CT but do not know in South Florida.
My hydrangea bushes in the spring have dried brown flowers at the ends of stems. Can I cut these off? Will it interfere with new blooming?
I have a couple endless summer hydrangeas and they never bloom until end of Sept. early October. What do I need to do to get them to bloom earlier in the summer to be able to enjoy the blooms more than a month before a frost. I gave acidic fertilizer but maybe not doing it correctly or enough.
I planted three Vintage Jade distylium last year and I love them so far. I can not find any good images online that represent what they look like when they are more mature. Do you have any photos of these planted in a landscape and not just in a nursery pot? I would also love to see good photos of the other varieties, especially Emerald Heights.
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