Blossoming Questions

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My Endless Summer Hydrangea bushes are producing smaller, but many, blooms. These bushes have always produced much larger blooms which I prefer. Is there something I can do to get the larger blooms again next year? I should state we were making the mistake of cutting these bushes down to the ground each fall, so were getting very few blooms. Last year we did not cut them back at all and I have plenty of blooms but small in size. Hoping there is a way to get lots of the big ones again!
My plant is mostly sticks with little greenery. What should I do?
We transplanted an older hydrangea from my uncle’s property, so it hasn’t been cared for in several years. It is pretty wild and all over the place! How can I care for this best? Should I trim? fertilize?
The Summer Crush label says full sun but videos say not full sun. Can they be full sun?
My Endless summers are doing well but have branches sticking up that don’t have leaves or buds. Should I cut these branches?
Why do the blooms only flower around the edges and the buds not open in the middle?
My endless summer hydrangeas does not have any buds on it. What is wrong with it?
Should I cut the almost dead flowers off?
First time with a summer crush hydrangea. Planted in most sun . Been 2 months doing great. Just wondering if should cut off the dead blooms. Or should I say discolored faded ones.?? They still look ok and I read on the tag. The less you prune the better ??? So just wasn’t sure??
Which geranium has the largest bloom?
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