About 3 weeks ago I planted summer crush hydrangeas in zone 5 in NE. Per you site and the tag it claims these plants can have full sun in zones 4-9. I planted these facing east and given the sun rise I believe they are getting about 8 hours of sun. Since it’s gotten a little warmer I’ve been noticing them drooping a little come the end of the sun time. They seem to re bound after they are in the shade and or I water, but I’m concerned since it will only get hotter here. Is this just b/c their are newly planted or should I be concerned I planted them in too much sun? Also, how much should I be watering them? Thanks


New plants, full of foliage, often experience a little shock when going from the garden center to a new home in the garden. It will take ample water at first to help get the roots established. However, it’s important to then stretch out the watering to help the roots grow. Frequent watering trains a plant to grow shallow roots requiring more maintenance. Also, be certain to mulch around the base of your hydrangeas to help conserve water and keep the roots cool in the summer. And, check out our planting and care guide for additional tips on growing and overwintering hydrangeas.