Do you think Italian Cypress trees could grow in Nashville? I have an eye sore I’m the backyard that I’m trying to cover with plants; I’ve planted Little Gem Magnolias, but I’m concerned I planted them too far apart. I was considering planting the Tall skinny Cypress trees in between to help fill it in. Here is a picture. I just read online they do better in more southern climates.

Little Gem Magnolias planted along a fence


Yes, Italian Cypress would be hardy in your area. However, for this specific instance, I wouldn’t recommend planting them in between what you’ve already planted. Eventually, your Magnolia will mature to its maximum size and if there is something in the way of them growing you will have to pick which plant you’re going to keep. While it might be an eyesore right now, a little patience will provide you with the screening you’re looking for.