How can I get my hydrangea plant to grow larger? Every year the plant died back and new growth are coming from the base when summer arrives. All the branches left from previous are all dead and did not have any new growth, and pruning did not seems to help.


How many years has your hydrangea been in the ground? I’ve found that it can take 2-3 years for the roots to really become established to then help grow larger tops. Also, if your winters are quite cold, you might try overwintering your hydrangea in chicken wire cage or burlap with dried leaves packed in around the shrub. It will help keep the branches from dying back to the ground and then waiting until summer to grow out again. My video on overwintering hydrangeas has additional tips you should check out for cold weather protection. Other suggestions, grow you hydrangea in a spot with part to full sun. Finally, follow our guide on fertilizing to be certain your hydrangea is getting the nutrients it needs.