How can I plant Endless Summer® Hydrangeas in containers on my patio? Will I need to re-pot my hydrangea yearly or just add or change soil? I live in North Carolina and am wondering if there will be a specific insect that will be a nuisance to the plants? Will deer and rabbits wreak havoc with these plants?

Raspberry red Summer Crush hydrangea in a decorative container


What size container to use is determined in part by what size the hydrangea is that you are planting, and also if you wish to add any other plants around the edges.  For example, if your new Endless Summer® hydrangea is currently in a nursery pot that is 8” in diameter you could plant that into a decorative container that has a 16 inches diameter mouth (opening). However, if the nursery pot is 10” in diameter I would suggest an 18-20” mouth for your decorative pot. This provides both ample root room and visual balance. I personally like to use a decorative container that has an 18-20” mouth and set the Endless Summer® hydrangea in the center of that. If the hydrangea is still quite small I might add some seasonal trailers around the edge for the first year or two to help fill it out and create that abundant look we all love. As the roots of the hydrangea grow they will slowly fill out the container so that may not be possible – or necessary. However, you don’t need to repot the hydrangea until you see it is no longer thriving. I usually top dress the container with an inch of fresh compost and fertilizer each spring but otherwise, there is no need to replace the potting soil at all until you actually transplant the shrub into a larger container.

North Carolina is a beautiful part of the country – congratulations on your move! There are no insects that are likely to be a problem but deer will certainly be very interested in your hydrangeas no matter where you live so do be sure to use a proprietary deer repellent and follow the instructions carefully. Rabbits should not pose a problem.

Make sure to watch our video on how to use Endless Summer® Hydrangeas in containers for even more tips!