How do I plant, feed and prune my Little Devil Ninebark?


Our First Editions’ planting and care guide has information on site selection, soil preparation, watering, and mulching. Ninebarks require very little fertilizer. If you feel it needs some, wait until spring. You don’t want to encourage new growth going into winter. In the spring, check the ninebark for winter dieback or broken branches and trim those off. Other than that, it shouldn’t need pruning for several years. After a number of years, you may find that it could use rejuvenating for better form. When that happens, you can prune it back close to the ground. It will then send up new branches. Be certain you wait until it has been in the ground for several years before you do a hard prune like this. You want to be certain the roots are well established so they have the energy to send up the growth.