I am in Missoula, Montana Zone 4-6. What variety of hydrangea would be best for me to purchase for a pot on my patio that gets plenty of sun?

Summer Crush Hydrangea in container


We’re so glad that you reached out about hydrangeas in pots. This is a great way to enjoy hydrangea blooms on an otherwise static hardscape. If you truly get full sun, a great option would be Little Hottie® Panicle Hydrangea, which blooms in midsummer and ages beautifully as night temperatures cool down. If you’ve got a space that has some afternoon dappled shade, you could also consider Summer Crush® Hydrangea, which can bloom earlier in the season and then rebloom through fall. Both are genetically compact, so you can keep them year after year for ongoing blooms. If you’d like to learn a little more about planting hydrangeas in containers, we’ve created a video available here, and have additional information about overwintering those containers in cool climates here.