I have my hydrangea planted above ground in a large pot. I an trying to find out what I need to do with the plant during winter so it will come back in the spring. I have read the winter instructions but that is if the plant is planted in the ground and the roots are underground. With the plant in a pot the roots are above ground and is at more risk of root freezing. What can I do with this plant so it will come up again each year?


Our container hydrangea guide has several tips for overwintering hydrangeas. You will want to bring in the hydrangea, still in the container, into a garage or basement to overwinter. When you check on your hydrangea from time to time, be certain to lightly water. Also, avoid fertilizing in late summer as you don’t want to encourage new growth that won’t have time to harden off before winter sets in. The guide has additional tips to help with growing healthy hydrangeas.