I just bought 2 of “The Original” and noticed some of blooms are turning brown. I’m not sure if I’m adding too much water or not enough water. They are planted in containers with good drainage and the soil is moist. They now only get morning sun. I just moved them so they aren’t getting sun all day long. Suggestions would be appreciated! I live in NY.


Plants can go into shock when they go from being at a garden center and watered daily to a new garden where they are watered less frequently. Brown flowers are one of the signs that the plant is reacting to that change. Moving it from full to sun to partial sun while it gets settled in is a good idea. I would also mulch around the base of the hydrangeas to help keep the roots cool and conserve moisture. Some of the new leaves in the pictures look healthy and that’s a good sign. Have you taken a look at our container hydrangea guide? It has additional tips to help you grow healthy plants including advice for overwintering.