I planted three The Original Hydrangeas and one is not flourishing like the other two. It does get more sun 6-7hrs a day starting 1st thing in morning. It is flowering but some of the leaves are turning brown. I don’t see any bugs. Live in eastern Virginia. Used peat moss and Holly Tone when planted.

hydrangea leaf with brown spot


It appears like your hydrangea is suffering from sun scorch. The heat can be quite intense where you live so we recommend our Endless Summer® hydrangeas receive only morning sun with dappled shade during the afternoon.

Make sure to watch this video that goes over planting tips for Endless Summer® hydrangeas. Hopefully you can transplant this hydrangea into a more suitable spot. If you do, make sure to review how to transplant hydrangeas so you do so correctly. In the meantime just be sure to water it regularly. Even though the leaves (and flowers) will scorch, the roots will be fine and it will be much happier when you relocate it.