Love hydrangeas but having a terrible time getting my shrubs to bloom They haven’t produced blooms in a few years I also bought some new ones this year and have them in containers I snipped the blooms off them when they faded and now the plants haven’t rebloomed. Would deadheading affect their ability to rebloom? I am considering leaving them in containers since I have had poor luck with my planted shrubs Any tips for containers? I desperately need some blooms!


Thank you for providing images of the plants. It’s always helpful to see them in the garden rather than imagining how they appear. All in all, the foliage looks healthy and that’s a good start. There are several things that can prevent a hydrangea from growing flowers. A fertilizer that is high in nitrogen will help the plant grow healthy leaves at the expense of flowers. Instead, look for a fertilizer that is high in phosphorous, the middle number on the NPK ratio. Also, prune at the wrong time of year and you run the risk of cutting off the flower buds. It’s best to prune in early spring if it is required. Hydrangeas also need adequate moisture to help support the production of flower buds. Take a look at the Endless Summer Hydrangea planting and care guide for additional tips of growing healthy plants and flowers.