My roses aren’t thriving. What can I do?

Calypso Rose blooms


I’m sorry to hear that and know it must be frustrating so let’s help you troubleshoot. There are many reasons why a rose may fail to thrive: too much shade, poor soil, inadequate watering, lack of fertilizer, or incorrect pruning just to mention a few. You don’t mention whether your rose has been planted in the ground or in a container but certainly, a container that is too small will also impact growth.
Our Easy Elegance® roses typically thrive in your area so I suggest reviewing some of the many helpful videos and articles we have in our Inspiration & Resources library to do some initial detective work. Exploring the Care section would be a great place to start. Let me know if you come across anything specific that you feel may account for the lack of growth and you can always include photographs to help me see the problem more clearly too.