Need tips on planting my “Pink Sparkler”


Thankfully, Pink Sparkler Spirea is a pretty easy to manage plant and isn’t too picky. It is hardy across much of the country, all the way from zone 3 – 8 and can handle full sun to part shade. Find a spot in the garden with some sun that isn’t overly wet and you should be good to go. Bonus: it’s generally not nibbled by deer, so they can be in the open! Dig a hole twice as wide and a bit deeper than the pot so that when you put the root ball in the hole, the top of the dirt from the shrub matches evenly with the soil from the ground. Once the shrub is placed in the hole, backfill the soil and make sure it’s packed in well. Give it a good soaking of water and you’re off to the races! Most shrubs come with fertilizer already in the pot, so no need to fertilize this year either! Easy peasy.