We have two hydranges that appear healthy and growing , but have never bloomed.


Generally, when a hydrangea appears to be healthy and doesn’t flower, it means the wrong fertilizer is being applied. If you are using a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen (N on the NPK ratio), your hydrangea will grow lush foliage at the expense of flowers. Look for a fertilizer that is higher in phosphorous, the middle number on the NPK ratio. Phosphorous is the nutrient that helps grow flowers. Take a look at the Endless Summer Soil Science video to learn more about the affect of fertilizer on hydrangeas. If you are using the right fertilizer, then it could be you are pruning at the wrong time and cutting off the flower buds. Or, that your hydrangea is in too much shade. Our planting and care guide has information on pruning and selecting the right site.