Blossoming Questions

I have healthy The Original Endless Summer® hydrangeas, but the blooms are now green. Is there a way to get the color back?
I planted three The Original Hydrangeas and one is not flourishing like the other two. It does get more sun 6-7hrs a day starting 1st thing in morning. It is flowering but some of the leaves are turning brown. I don’t see any bugs. Live in eastern Virginia. Used peat moss and Holly Tone when planted.
What time of day should I plant The Original Endless Summer®? How do I prep the space?
Will Endless Summer The Original bloom in full, bright shade? I want to plant them at the edge of a lawn against the north wall of the house.
I love the idea of Endless Summer and I bought quite a few Blushing Bride and Originals. However, my flowers are only bloom like a cap and not into a big ball, do you know why?
I just bought some BloomStruck Endless Summer hydrangeas. I always thought hydrangeas were blue or pink regards to the soils Ph. Now will the BloomStruck hydrangeas always be a purple color or will they turn blue or pink if I don’t have the correct Ph?
What is the best hydrangea for shade and one that blooms a lot?
I have 3 of the Original Endless Summer hydrangeas planted. 2 of the plants have blooms that have turned brown and completely dried out. Should I prune these off and how should I do that?
One of my 3 My Endless Summer Original Blue hydrangeas completely lost all of its beautiful color. The blossoms look pale and sad. What’s going on? Watered daily and in part sun.
We purchased The Original this spring, but it appears to be blooming white with hints of a very light blue. Was the plant mislabeled and actually a blushing bride or does this happen with The Original?
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