Blossoming Questions

What Zone is Tulsa, OK? Will Butterfly Bush survive?
Thinking of putting some beautiful hydrangeas in my home in Zone 7a. Do they need full sun or part?
I am planting Easy Elegance® roses in a large whiskey barrel. Can I leave them outsize all winter in Zone 6-7?
Where should I plant my Vanilla Strawberry Panicle Hydrangeas? I’m in Zone 8a.
I am wondering how fast the Linebacker Distylium grows. I am full sun, zone 7a. I am having trouble finding it’s growth rate online
I’d appreciate advice on how to over-winter my Endless Summer hydrangeas in urns. For instance, should I move them into the garage (unheated), then when, or give them a special fertilizer? I’m hoping they will re-bloom next year and remain healthy planter plants for several years. I’m in Zone 7b (northern NJ).
What zone am I in? My zip code is 30350.
Hello. Just purchased a Sweet Tea Gardenia from Lowe’s. We live in Zone 7. May I grow Sweet Tea in a large container or do you recommend in-ground? Thanks so much. We love First Editions, we have many Sapphire Surf Caryopteris and just put in five Delta Blue Chaste shrubs.
I have a First Edition Berry White Hydrangea. It’s new and was planted last fall and has beautiful blooms. But it keeps losing leaves. They turn…sort of a very dark yellow…but more brown, really and fall off. It have it on a drip system so I can adjust how much water it gets. I live in Zone 7 and it’s over 100 each day right now, so I am giving the plants on my drip about 20 mins. of water a day. Not sure what to do? It is getting too much or note enough water?
Can a summer crush hydrangea live in zone 7? Shade in the morning sun in afternoon.
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