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How do I get rid of grasshoppers in my garden bed?
I live in North Carolina and would like to transplant 3 endless summer hydrangeas. Is this time of year ok to transplant?
Could you please let me know if I can grow hydrangeas in south florida? I loved them when I was in CT but do not know in South Florida.
My hydrangea bushes in the spring have dried brown flowers at the ends of stems. Can I cut these off? Will it interfere with new blooming?
I have a couple endless summer hydrangeas and they never bloom until end of Sept. early October. What do I need to do to get them to bloom earlier in the summer to be able to enjoy the blooms more than a month before a frost. I gave acidic fertilizer but maybe not doing it correctly or enough.
I planted three Vintage Jade distylium last year and I love them so far. I can not find any good images online that represent what they look like when they are more mature. Do you have any photos of these planted in a landscape and not just in a nursery pot? I would also love to see good photos of the other varieties, especially Emerald Heights.
My hydrangeas are budding and leafing out. We’ve been having lovely weather but are expecting a hard Frost Friday night. Is there something I can do to protect them and do I need to?
I am interested in planting Distyllium shrubs in Southern Utah where they are not readily available. The two varieties that I can attain are Vintage Jade and Cinnamon Girl. There is conflicting information available on the mature size. Which of these varieties can I more readily maintain at 2′ high and 4′ wide?
What is the best hydrangea for shade and one that blooms a lot?
I just purchased a 2 gallon Endless Summer. Can I plant this in a raised garden bed? Or a pot and what size?
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