Help! I recently planted two Summer Crush hydrangeas and they are not looking good, I’m worried they are going to die. They started off wilting during the day but would come back at night, now they aren’t coming back at all. I’ve watered them daily for the most part, not drenching them. It does get quite a bit of sun until about 2:30pm. Any help would be appreciated!


Thanks so much for reaching out! It looks like your hydrangeas are stressed moving into their new home. Did you amend the soil at all at planting? Adding a layer of mulch in your bed will help the plants retain moisture, especially with the extreme heat that we’re experiencing in the Upper Midwest. When watering the plants, do so at the base where the stems meet the soil and give them a really good soaking. It’s best to give them a soak less frequently than a bit of water more often. Watering in the morning will help them stay hydrated for the day. You also don’t want to over water, which can cause the blooms to droop as you’re seeing. Before adding water, double check the soil to see if it’s truly dry. If so, then give it a soak. Otherwise, you can leave it alone. One other thing to note: hydrangeas will sometimes naturally droop in the afternoon heat but will recover as temperatures drop. If you see it in the late afternoon, wait until that evening or the following morning to water again, and only do so if they’re still drooping. It seems somewhat counterintuitive, but too much water can also harm the hydrangeas. If you have any other questions, please let us know, but in the meantime be sure to add some mulch and soak with water only when the soil starts to dry!