After a heavy rain, the branches on my hydrangea are laying low to the ground. The branches are not broke, but the middle of the plant seems to have spread and flatten out. Is this normal and will they perk back up?

newly planted BloomStruck Hydrangea showing flopping stems after rain


Your BloomStruck® looks gorgeous! Yes this is quite normal on a young plant. As the shrub matures the stems become stronger and sturdier so are better able to withstand temporary flopping caused by the weight of rain on the large flowers. As a temporary fix you can do what the English call “pea staking”, traditionally used for floppy perennials but also useful for smaller shrubs that need some support. It is very discrete and makes good use of any fallen twigs you may have around your garden. Learn more about pea staking by reading this article. Even the most basic criss-crossing of twigs in front of those heavy hydrangea branches will help lift them off the ground.