I bought five hydrangeas two are doing excellent well maybe even 3. One of them is doing pretty good it’s got a bud that doesn’t seem to be doing anything but my problem is the fifth one has gone from a nice size green foliage to a little scraggly thing with new leaves but the original leaves were dying and damaged so I removed them I have included a picture can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong and what is wrong with my plants?


Thank you for sending in images with your question. A few possibilities come to mind. I wonder if it didn’t get enough water when it was first planted. Perhaps, it receives less water than the neighboring hydrangeas? Or, is it in a spot that receives more sun and wind than the other hydrangeas. The good news is that it looks like it is recovering from the initial problem. And, the new growth appears healthy and will fill in that gap by next year. Check out our planting and care guide for suggestions on growing healthy hydrangeas to help them recover faster.