Can Easy Elegance® roses be grown in containers?

Coral Cove rose flowering in a decorative container


Thanks so much for reaching out to learn about planting Easy Elegance® roses in decorative pots. Most varieties within the collection remain genetically compact, which makes them a perfect fit for containers. They can be planted for a year or, especially in warmer climates, can be overwintered and kept to bloom again next year. Check out this article for tips on planting roses in decorative pots.

If you want to keep them for the following season, you can bring the pot into an unheated garage or basement (and give about a cup of water per month during their dormant season), or to a protected area outside so it doesn’t get hit with too much temperature fluctuations or wind. Once you pass your final frost, you can bring the pot back outside to start waking up for the next season. I hope this helps, and hope you have a fantastic growing season! Once you get your roses in a pot this year, we’d love to see it! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram and we’d love to share it with our followers.