I was so excited to answer this question from Janet in West Virginia.

Janet told me all about the lemon tree she is growing in her sunroom, and how she wants to add an orange tree, too. It turns out growing an orange tree is just as easy as the lemon tree!

I’d recommend keeping the citrus trees outside when the weather is nice–they’ll be much happier spring through fall–and moving into your sunroom for the winter.

Tip: It’s much easier to transport trees in and out when they’re in smaller containers or on a plant trolley with wheels.

They will love your sunroom, as they love the sunlight. For all citrus trees, air movement and ample water is important. However, be certain they don’t have wet feet.

Tip: Avoid planters that don’t have drainage holes and allow roots to soak.

Watch the foliage for signs the trees need fertilizer (we look for yellow spots) and apply a balanced fertilizer or compost. And, be on the lookout for pests. Both citrus trees and gardenias will require humidity in the sunroom, especially during the winter when the air is dry. Easy to grow outdoors, gardeninas are a bit like Goldilocks when inside, requiring just the right conditions. In your sunroom, the gardenia will need a spot that is draft-free. Water when the soil is dry. Enjoy the fragrant flowers!