I am wondering if I’m doing something wrong since one of our Endless Summer hydrangeas is not blooming. Both hydrangeas were planted at the same time. We added some soil meant for Azaleas. The hydrangeas are in the shade all day. We have wrapped a soaker hose around each plant so they get watered at the same time. The flowering one is planted next to a man hole which limited its growth on the right side. They are planted in a heavy clay soil. Please help! How long should we be watering them?


It’s always interesting when plants that are side by side do different things in the garden. I’m not certain the problem is the amount of moisture. In the picture you sent in, it looks like the leaves on the flowering hydrangea are dark green. And, a lighter green on the one that isn’t flowering. Is there a difference in the amount of fertilizer they are receiving? Or, is there a difference with pruning either after you planted them or before you purchased them (if new this year)? Follow our tips in the hydrangea planting and care guide in the spring for fertilizing and both hydrangeas should flower just fine. Be certain to avoid pruning so you don’t risk cutting off flower buds. And, top dress with compost each spring to help improve the heavy clay soil.