I have four Endless summer hydrangeas that are about 5 years old. Planted in various areas of sun to partial sun in our yard. I rarely get blooms. This year I got one bloom of all four plants. I cut them down in the fall as I thought this was the variety that bloomed on new wood. Is this the problem?


There are several items that will help a hydrangea grow flowers. First, sunlight. Hydrangeas need at least morning sun. Second, ample water. Third, the correct fertilizer – choose one that has a higher middle number in the NPK ratio. Phosphorous helps hydrangeas grow flowers. Nitrogen helps hydrangeas grow leaves at the expense of flowers. Our planting and care guide has information to help with these first three items. Fourth, pruning at the wrong time. Take a look at our video on pruning for help with learning the best time and method for pruning hydrangeas to maximize the flowers. Following these tips should help increase the flowers next year.