I have three Endless Summer Hydrangeas in different locations around my house about 20 minutes north of Chicago. The plants all seem healthy and continue to grow but have yet to produce any flowers. Back on Fourth of July weekend I gave them all Dr Earth acid lovers fertilizer hoping this would give them the boost that they needed. I have yet to see any results. Any assistance you could offer would be greatly appreciated.


Looking at the label for Dr. Earth Acid Lovers’ fertilizer, it looks like the NPK ratio is quite low, 3-4-3. Hydrangeas require a higher level of phosphorous, P in the NPK ratio, to help grow flowers. Another cause, might be pruning at the wrong time. Take a look at the Endless Summer Hydrangea planting and care guide for tips on growing healthy hydrangeas full of flowers. To learn more about growing flowers and adjusting the color, check out my soil science video.