I planted 5 hydrangeas and two have green wood beneath the soil, two have each one green leaf sprout. My fifth shows no sign of life! I did not cut wood down as they are only 12 inches as these were new plants – I do not see anything happening on the old wood. The buds are hard and dark brown (look dead) – they get morning sun until about 1 pm then are in the shade for the rest of the day – soil is moist but not wet and I’ve added fertilizer—is this normal for June? What else can I do to make them thrive?


In your gardening zone, plants definitely wake up later than in other zones. It sounds like you did a good job of giving your hydrangeas protection for the winter. I would also be concerned about the hydrangea that isn’t showing any signs of life. You could give it another week or two or go ahead and find a replacement. Follow the guidelines for fertilizing in the planting and care guide to help get the hydrangeas moving along. And, remember, it can take a couple of years for shrubs to get settled in and establish roots to then help support the foliage and flowers.