Is there a hydrangea that can stay potted and not need to be planted? I live in an apartment. Also are they dangerous to cats?

Summer Crush Hydrangeas in containers


Our hydrangeas make fabulous outdoor container plants. However, do be aware of the difference between the gift type hydrangeas that you might see in the store and are suitable for short-term color indoors and our repeat-blooming Endless Summer® hydrangeas that will thrive outdoors in the ground or a container and bring you color throughout the season. Watch our video on the difference between gift and garden hydrangeas for more on that.

Hopefully, your apartment has a balcony or outdoor area where you can enjoy one or more of our beautiful Endless Summer® hydrangeas. If you decide to plant it in a container, watch our video on gardening with container hydrangeas for tips and how-tos!

Regarding cats, the ASPCA has designated hydrangeas as toxic, giving animals who ingest them gastrointestinal disturbance. I recommend speaking with your veterinarian for more details so you can make the best-informed decision for you and your animal.