I’ve had my hydrangea for 4 years and no blooms. It looks healthy not sure what I’m doing wrong.


I often receive questions about hydrangeas that don’t flower. To find the answer, we have to go step by step and rule out different things. Pruning at the wrong time will reduce flowers. Hydrangeas generally should be pruned in early spring. Oakleaf hydrangeas are an exception to that rule and shouldn’t be pruned at all. Healthy leaves and no flowers can also be a sign of the wrong fertilizer. Hydrangeas require a fertilizer that higher in phosphorous rather than nitrogen. Phosphorous is the middle number on the NPK ratio. Also, hydrangeas flowers best with at least morning sun or full sun. And, they need extra water in the summer months to help give them the energy to produce flowers. Take a look at our hydrangea planting and care guide for tips on growing healthy flowering hydrangeas.