My endless summer hydrangeas does not have any buds on it. What is wrong with it?


Is this a new hydrangea you just purchased at a garden center or an established one in the garden? There are several reasons a hydrangea doesn’t flower. The most common cause is incorrect fertilizer. Hydrangeas need a fertilizer that is higher in phosphorous (the middle letter on the NPK ratio) than nitrogen. A high nitrogen fertilizer will grow foliage at the expense of flowers. Another cause of no flowers is pruning at the wrong time. If needed, it’s best to prune a hydrangea in early spring. Other reasons include not enough sun and not enough water. And, sometimes, you just have to be patient! Some of my hydrangeas are just now putting on flower buds. Check out our hydrangea planting and care guide to help you assess your hydrangea and get it full of flower buds and flowers.