My five Sapphire Surf Bluebeard plants, recently purchased and planted, are not greening fast. There appears to be dry or dead branches on many. The local retailer advised me to cut them down and allow them to grow new branches.


Thanks for sending an image of one of the plants as it really helps with learning what is happening in the garden. Sapphire Surf Caryopertis is a plant that loves the heat of summer. Once the temperatures warm up and stay warm, it will grow additional branches and leaves. Considering they have some leaves all around the plant and their current height, I wouldn’t cut them back any further. You could give them a well balanced fertilizer. Our planting and care guide has tips to help with growing healthy plants including fertilizing. Be certain to follow the guidelines on overwintering plants. In your zone, you will need to mulch your caryopteris to protect the roots from winter freeze.