My hydrangea flowers are drying up even though the leaves look green and lush. What could it be?

A blooming The Original Hydrangea in front of fence


There are a few possible causes so it may take a bit of detective work to determine the reason in this instance
  1. The most common cause is indeed under watering – or inconsistent watering. Although you might expect to see leaf wilt, the most common symptom of under watering is the wilting, then browning of petals. The leaves may continue to look healthy until the drought becomes prolonged.
  2. Too much direct sun can cause flower browning – but this would more typically also show as scorch on the leaves
  3. Too much fertilizer and/or aluminum sulfate can also be the culprit. If your hydrangea was fertilized when it was dry it can cause brown flowers (and leaf edges). Likewise if you gave it a strong dose of aluminum sulfate (to turn the flowers blue) when it was dry that can also case brown blooms.
Make sure to review the information on caring for your Endless Summer® hydrangeas at this planting and care guide. Although these blooms have been blemished with continued good care the second flush of flowering should be fine.