The leaves on my BloomStruck® Hydrangea generatedlots of brown spots and edges. What do you think caused this and what do you recommend I do?

hydrangea leaves showing spots


Hydrangeas may show spots on the leaves for a couple of reasons. If the spot is round and brown with a red to purple ring, you likely have Anthracnose which is a fungal disease. Remove the affected leaves and dispose of them but do not add them to your compost pile. Treat the hydrangea with a fungicide and repeat as necessary. If, however, the margins of the leaves fade from green to grey and then turn brown, the plants were dry for too long. From your photos, the latter appears to be more likely. Looking at the historical weather data for your area, it does appear that you had a hot spell with little rain in late May/early June which could have contributed to the problem.

Just be aware of this possibility in future and be prepared to water during dry spells. And, follow the care tips outlined in this guide.