This is an endless bloom hydrangea that I planted a few weeks ago. As you can see the old blooms are turning brown but it does have some new blooms. What are most concerned about is the leaves and why they look like this. I water on average daily or every other day and it gets 4 to 6 hours of morning sun then all shade. I have not used any fertilizer. I have some other hydrangeas a few feet away and they look OK. However, they are not in less blue hydrangeas. They are white robe hydrangeas. Thank you for your help!


Are you overhead watering? It’s best to water at the base of plants to help prevent the leaves from getting a foliar disease. Good air circulation helps prevent foliage problems also. You can pick off the infected leaves and throw them in the trash rather than compost them. Our hydrangea planting and care guide has additional tips for growing healthy hydrangeas.