When I bought my hydrangea they dropped good I planted them in a pot big enough for them, then the flowers started to die in turn brown some of the leaves turned brown. I moved them to a spot that had a little more sun, it didn’t help so I moved it back in front of the house which gets morning sun in till noon and I clipped off all the dead stuff, put some coffee grinds and more soil and the leaves are growing back to plant looks healthy my question is will I get flowers this summer or not till next summer?


It sounds like your hydrangea has had a stressful start to the gardening year. Did you add coffee grinds in hopes of getting blue flowers? While coffee is acidic, the grinds are actually more neutral. Take a look at my soil science video to learn about the nutrients your hydrangea needs to grow beautiful flowers. If your hydrangea is part of the Endless Summer series, it’s possible you will have flowers this year. Be certain to avoid pruning this year and next year to help maximize the flower buds it will produce.