Blossoming Questions

I have a couple endless summer hydrangeas and they never bloom until end of Sept. early October. What do I need to do to get them to bloom earlier in the summer to be able to enjoy the blooms more than a month before a frost. I gave acidic fertilizer but maybe not doing it correctly or enough.
My hydrangeas are budding and leafing out. We’ve been having lovely weather but are expecting a hard Frost Friday night. Is there something I can do to protect them and do I need to?
What is the best hydrangea for shade and one that blooms a lot?
I just purchased a 2 gallon Endless Summer. Can I plant this in a raised garden bed? Or a pot and what size?
I planted 3 Endless Summer (Summer Crush) last summer. However, during the later part of the season there were holes on most of the leaves. I think there are some pest. What should I do to save my hydrangeas and when is the best time to do it?
I have two hydrangea plants (Vanilla Strawberry) from last year. I never cut the dried flowers off from last summer. What do I have to do this spring to ensure they get new flowers this summer?
When and how do I prune Vanilla Strawberry hydrangea?
Where is the video on the garden gab page on how and when to fertilize my Endless Summer hydrangea?
I have an 18″ x 18″ pot and would like to plant either a 1 or 2 gallon hydrangea bloom. I live in NYC and have a large terrace. Am I better off to get the 1 gallon size and keep it trimmed to fit in the pot as it grows – and replant it to a larger pot – or divide to fit in two pots later on?
I received hydrangea this past spring for my birthday in May. Do I need to cover it for the winter?
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