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What is the best hydrangea for shade and one that blooms a lot?

I planted my Endless Summer Hydrangea about 2 weeks ago and it did really well for the first week and now it’s becoming less and less healthy.
 When I planted the hydrangea the tag said it would tolerate full or partial sun, so I planted it an area that receives full sun for about 10 hours a day. I also put a small amount of the fertilizer into the hole. I have watered it well daily since i planted it. The leaves and blooms are turning purplish and then brown and dry. I trimmed the dead leaves and blooms off very carefully and it’s continuously declining.
I’m thinking I should transplant it to an area with more shade and am wondering if this would be ok to do if it’s done at a time of day that is not sunny and hot.
Why do my hydrangea turn a dull color by early August?
I have a Hydrangea this is it’s 2nd year in a container, last year it had beautiful flowers, this year, its just getting taller no buds yet. From the top of the pot to the top of the plant it is about 30″ tall very full. What can I do to help it or should I have done something earlier? I did just give it plant food. Granulars and watered it.
How can I get my hydrangea plant to grow larger? Every year the plant died back and new growth are coming from the base when summer arrives. All the branches left from previous are all dead and did not have any new growth, and pruning did not seems to help.
I was given a lovely Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea and the leaves are turning yellow. I read that watering on top can make that happen. I checked the soil and it’s good and have mixed in some food. What am I doing wrong?
Why is my hydrangea not blooming?
I have my hydrangea planted above ground in a large pot. I an trying to find out what I need to do with the plant during winter so it will come back in the spring. I have read the winter instructions but that is if the plant is planted in the ground and the roots are underground. With the plant in a pot the roots are above ground and is at more risk of root freezing. What can I do with this plant so it will come up again each year?
My Endless Summer hydrangea ‘The Original’ is placed in a location where it gets a lot of sun and by 6-7pm gets shade. How much sunlight can they handle?
How do I know exactly what kind of hydrangea I purchased?
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