Blossoming Questions

What can I grow in Zone 4?
I am in Missoula, Montana Zone 4-6. What variety of hydrangea would be best for me to purchase for a pot on my patio that gets plenty of sun?
I’m in zone 4. What do I do to protect my roses for winter?
Will my hydrangea bloom with a couple hours of afternoon filtered sun? I am in zone 6.
How do I winterize my endless summer hydrangeas? I live in zone 4 and it gets very cold here.
Where is the best place to plant my endless summer. I’m thinking east or south? And little more detail like 6-8 hours of morning sun?
About 3 weeks ago I planted summer crush hydrangeas in zone 5 in NE. Per you site and the tag it claims these plants can have full sun in zones 4-9. I planted these facing east and given the sun rise I believe they are getting about 8 hours of sun. Since it’s gotten a little warmer I’ve been noticing them drooping a little come the end of the sun time. They seem to re bound after they are in the shade and or I water, but I’m concerned since it will only get hotter here. Is this just b/c their are newly planted or should I be concerned I planted them in too much sun? Also, how much should I be watering them? Thanks
On the west side of my house there is about a 6ft wide path between my house and the fence. We are putting in a 4ft wide interlock walkway and there will be a foot and a half space between the house to the interlock that will be soil and we’d like to plant something. Zone 5. Is this enough room to put any type of hydrangea? I love the colors.
What side of the house do you plant summer crush?
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