I planted my Endless Summer Hydrangea about 2 weeks ago and it did really well for the first week and now it’s becoming less and less healthy.
 When I planted the hydrangea the tag said it would tolerate full or partial sun, so I planted it an area that receives full sun for about 10 hours a day. I also put a small amount of the fertilizer into the hole. I have watered it well daily since i planted it. The leaves and blooms are turning purplish and then brown and dry. I trimmed the dead leaves and blooms off very carefully and it’s continuously declining.
I’m thinking I should transplant it to an area with more shade and am wondering if this would be ok to do if it’s done at a time of day that is not sunny and hot.


I’m glad you wrote in to Garden Gab. We need to get your hydrangea turned around fast. Sometimes, too much TLC can be a bad thing. That could be what is happening to your Endless Summer Hydrangea. I think it is getting too much water. The wrong fertilizer or fertilizer too soon might be stressing it also. Take a look at our hydrangea planting and care guide for tips on site selection, preparing the soil, watering, fertilizing, and much more. Going through this guide step by step and comparing what has taken place with your hydrangea compared to our recommendations, will help you make adjustments and get it back on track.