I have a Hydrangea this is it’s 2nd year in a container, last year it had beautiful flowers, this year, its just getting taller no buds yet. From the top of the pot to the top of the plant it is about 30″ tall very full. What can I do to help it or should I have done something earlier? I did just give it plant food. Granulars and watered it.


Do you still have the container that the fertilizer came in to check the NPK ratio? A fertilizer that is high in nitrogen (N on the NPK ratio) will help a hydrangea grow leaves at the expense of flowers. When shopping for a fertilizer for growing flowers, look for a fertilizer with a higher middle number representing phosphorous. To learn more about fertilizers for hydrangeas, watch my soil science video. A healthy hydrangea with no flowers can also be a sign of pruning your hydrangea at the wrong time. For pruning and other maintenance tips, check out our planting and care guide.