I want to plant hydrangeas in my front garden bed. It gets no morning sun but will get sun from noon onward. I’m in the Nashville area, so the afternoon sun is quite hot. Is there a variety that can take the heat?

Little Hottie Panicle Hydrangea planted in the landscape in full sun


Hydrangeas are a fantastic addition to the front yard landscape! In yards like yours with afternoon sun, the best kind of hydrangea would be the cone-shaped panicle type. There is a new variety that does especially well in warm climates called Little Hottie® Hydrangea. It also stays compact, maturing to only 3-5’ tall and wide, making it even more perfect for the front yard. You may find Little Hottie® online or at your local garden centers. To find the retail option best for you, head to our Find a Retailer tool.