Blossoming Questions

I planted my BloomStruck® Hydrangea where there is mostly shade all day. No morning sun and a short period of time with afternoon sun however the afternoon sun hits when it’s not at its hottest or highest. Will it be ok in this spot?
How can I plant Endless Summer® Hydrangeas in containers on my patio? Will I need to re-pot my hydrangea yearly or just add or change soil? I live in North Carolina and am wondering if there will be a specific insect that will be a nuisance to the plants? Will deer and rabbits wreak havoc with these plants?
My jasmine was thriving until about two weeks ago. All of a sudden the ends have started dying, cracking, turning brown. What is happening, and how do I save them? Help!
I just bought 2 Bloomstruck Hydrangeas. I know the tag says not to prune. However, should I cut off the spent blooms?
I have a Mandarin Tango potentilla I just purchased. Can Miracle grow be used on it?
Last April I bought Endless Summer hydrangeas Summer Crush – it had 2 blooms on it when I purchased it and only had 1 more bloom the rest of the year. What happened?
I am wondering how fast the Linebacker Distylium grows. I am full sun, zone 7a. I am having trouble finding it’s growth rate online
This summer I purchased a French Cabaret Blush hibiscus I live in Wisconsin and would like to know how to winterize it. We love it so
I’m in zone 4. What do I do to protect my roses for winter?
Where is the video on overwintering located? I have your Diamond Rouge, Blushing Bride and The Original.
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