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Where is the video on overwintering located? I have your Diamond Rouge, Blushing Bride and The Original.
How can I get my hydrangea plant to grow larger? Every year the plant died back and new growth are coming from the base when summer arrives. All the branches left from previous are all dead and did not have any new growth, and pruning did not seems to help.
This summer I purchased a French Cabaret Blush hibiscus I live in Wisconsin and would like to know how to winterize it. We love it so
It just snowed 6” on my Easy Elegance Rose bush. Was I supposed to cut back, cover or remove from the ground for winter?
I want to properly prepare my darling for colder weather. I live in an apartment so I don’t have a basement or anything similar. What precautions should I take (if any) to preserve her? Is she ok near the patio door? I’m investing in a sun lamp for my hibiscus, should I use for her also?
I have my hydrangeas in pots and am moving in October. Is that too late to plant them in the ground at my new home? Would it be better to keep them inside the house, basement or garage for the winter and plant in the spring?
How to I take care of Weigela Shining Sensation in the winter? I have it in a pot and want to keep it in it.
Should my Easy Elegance shrub be pruned in the fall?
I have my hydrangea planted above ground in a large pot. I an trying to find out what I need to do with the plant during winter so it will come back in the spring. I have read the winter instructions but that is if the plant is planted in the ground and the roots are underground. With the plant in a pot the roots are above ground and is at more risk of root freezing. What can I do with this plant so it will come up again each year?
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