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The endless summer hydrangeas do you take the canvas sack off around the root before planting or leave on?
What is needed when planting Ruffle Red Magic Crape Myrtle?
What time of day should I plant The Original Endless Summer®? How do I prep the space?
I am planting Easy Elegance® roses in a large whiskey barrel. Can I leave them outsize all winter in Zone 6-7?
Need tips on planting my “Pink Sparkler”
I am interested in planting Distyllium shrubs in Southern Utah where they are not readily available. The two varieties that I can attain are Vintage Jade and Cinnamon Girl. There is conflicting information available on the mature size. Which of these varieties can I more readily maintain at 2′ high and 4′ wide?
I need the card that accompanied my tree, I need the directions for planting and care. When I cut the information off of the tree, it broke in many pieces. Help, please!
Do you think Italian Cypress trees could grow in Nashville? I have an eye sore I’m the backyard that I’m trying to cover with plants; I’ve planted Little Gem Magnolias, but I’m concerned I planted them too far apart. I was considering planting the Tall skinny Cypress trees in between to help fill it in. Here is a picture. I just read online they do better in more southern climates.
I purchased 1 Summer Crush which came with lots of old dead sticks. After 3 weeks of planting, I can see some new leaves growing out but very tiny. I just cut al dead sticks, I’m not sure it can grow bigger and bloom in the first year? I just feel it’s not growing.
I’m looking for planting and care info on Endless Summer Hydrangea.
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