Blossoming Questions

My roses aren’t thriving. What can I do?
I’ve had my hydrangea for 8 years and hasn’t bloomed yet. Has beautiful green leaves and beautiful shape. Help!
When is the best time of year to plant roses?
Help! I recently planted two Summer Crush hydrangeas and they are not looking good, I’m worried they are going to die. They started off wilting during the day but would come back at night, now they aren’t coming back at all. I’ve watered them daily for the most part, not drenching them. It does get quite a bit of sun until about 2:30pm. Any help would be appreciated!
The leaves get really dark brown, black spots on them. It almost looks like black spot that roses get. I don’t water the top of the bush, unless I am fertilizing it. So I try really hard to keep the top dry. I hope you’re able to tell me what to do to prevent this from happening again this summer.
How often do I water the roses? When the soil feels dry? I don’t want to overwater. Also, I am going to plant it in a pot. Is that okay?
I planted two Endless Summer hydrangeas and the leaves are turning yellow and not doing as well as the other two. I am not sure what to do.
I have a couple endless summer hydrangeas and they never bloom until end of Sept. early October. What do I need to do to get them to bloom earlier in the summer to be able to enjoy the blooms more than a month before a frost. I gave acidic fertilizer but maybe not doing it correctly or enough.
What do I do for fall care?
I’d appreciate advice on how to over-winter my Endless Summer hydrangeas in urns. For instance, should I move them into the garage (unheated), then when, or give them a special fertilizer? I’m hoping they will re-bloom next year and remain healthy planter plants for several years. I’m in Zone 7b (northern NJ).
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