Blossoming Questions

I received hydrangea this past spring for my birthday in May. Do I need to cover it for the winter?
I want to properly prepare my darling for colder weather. I live in an apartment so I don’t have a basement or anything similar. What precautions should I take (if any) to preserve her? Is she ok near the patio door? I’m investing in a sun lamp for my hibiscus, should I use for her also?
I’d appreciate advice on how to over-winter my Endless Summer hydrangeas in urns. For instance, should I move them into the garage (unheated), then when, or give them a special fertilizer? I’m hoping they will re-bloom next year and remain healthy planter plants for several years. I’m in Zone 7b (northern NJ).
can I safely grow my hydrangeas in pots? What about in winter?
My endless summer hydrangeas look like they are dying. The pots didn’t have drainage holes so soil was always wet. Put holes in now for drainage. Will they come back?
We have moved to Naples, Florida and I MISS the hydrangeas that I had at our home in Ohio. Can i grow endless summer hydrangea’s in Florida? Can you guide me where to get some?
Watering tips please!
When is a good time to plant hydrangeas in South Florida and is there a specific bloom that is hardier in this region?
I just bought 2 of “The Original” and noticed some of blooms are turning brown. I’m not sure if I’m adding too much water or not enough water. They are planted in containers with good drainage and the soil is moist. They now only get morning sun. I just moved them so they aren’t getting sun all day long. Suggestions would be appreciated! I live in NY.
I have my hydrangea planted above ground in a large pot. I an trying to find out what I need to do with the plant during winter so it will come back in the spring. I have read the winter instructions but that is if the plant is planted in the ground and the roots are underground. With the plant in a pot the roots are above ground and is at more risk of root freezing. What can I do with this plant so it will come up again each year?
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