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I planted my BloomStruck® Hydrangea where there is mostly shade all day. No morning sun and a short period of time with afternoon sun however the afternoon sun hits when it’s not at its hottest or highest. Will it be ok in this spot?
I’ve had my hydrangea for 8 years and hasn’t bloomed yet. Has beautiful green leaves and beautiful shape. Help!
Where should I plant my Vanilla Strawberry Panicle Hydrangeas? I’m in Zone 8a.
How can I buy the Bloomify fertilizer you show on your website?
How can I plant Endless Summer® Hydrangeas in containers on my patio? Will I need to re-pot my hydrangea yearly or just add or change soil? I live in North Carolina and am wondering if there will be a specific insect that will be a nuisance to the plants? Will deer and rabbits wreak havoc with these plants?
Do Endless Summer® Hydrangeas grow and thrive in the shade in Ohio?
Do you have tips on how to help my Strawberry Sundae® Panicle Hydrangeas to stand up straight? I’ve read that I should prune them back about 1/3 and I’ve also heard to prune the thinner branches that cross over one another. How about fertilizing?
Are hydrangeas good for potting?
My jasmine was thriving until about two weeks ago. All of a sudden the ends have started dying, cracking, turning brown. What is happening, and how do I save them? Help!
My hydrangea has spent winter in our unheated garage. Do I take it out now, in April, in the area north of Chicago? Also, it’s been in the pot maybe 2-3 years, and I know it needs to be repotted before it gets much new growth. By what point should I repot it?
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