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I live in Florida, 34698. Do I still have to follow the do not prune in the fall since we don’t really have fall?
i purchased Coral Magic Crape Myrtles, should I put them in the ground now or keep them potted until next year. If wait, when should I put them in the ground?
Will my hydrangea bloom with a couple hours of afternoon filtered sun? I am in zone 6.
I’d appreciate advice on how to over-winter my Endless Summer hydrangeas in urns. For instance, should I move them into the garage (unheated), then when, or give them a special fertilizer? I’m hoping they will re-bloom next year and remain healthy planter plants for several years. I’m in Zone 7b (northern NJ).
Why my hydrangea seems it’s dying (leaves are turning yellow) after I planted it in my backyard. It was absolutely great while in the pot. I water it every other day but see no sign of improvement.
I have my hydrangeas in pots and am moving in October. Is that too late to plant them in the ground at my new home? Would it be better to keep them inside the house, basement or garage for the winter and plant in the spring?
When should I prune my roses? I have some branches that are going wild.
I have bought the Blushing Brides online. When receiving the plant, I found some dead spots on almost all leaves. I have asked the staff and they replied it is not the disease. It is only because of high humidity during the transportation. However, I have no experience with this situation. Because I have other Endless Summer collections in my yard, I want to make sure this will not infect my other plants.
Instructions to care for a viburnum plicatum. Thank you.
I was given a lovely Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea and the leaves are turning yellow. I read that watering on top can make that happen. I checked the soil and it’s good and have mixed in some food. What am I doing wrong?
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