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How to I take care of Weigela Shining Sensation in the winter? I have it in a pot and want to keep it in it.
How do I plant little devil ninebark?
Can these Sweet Fragrance roses tolerate moist or wet soil?
Do you still produce Hydrangea arborescens ‘Bella Anna’?
I am wondering if I’m doing something wrong since one of our Endless Summer hydrangeas is not blooming. Both hydrangeas were planted at the same time. We added some soil meant for Azaleas. The hydrangeas are in the shade all day. We have wrapped a soaker hose around each plant so they get watered at the same time. The flowering one is planted next to a man hole which limited its growth on the right side. They are planted in a heavy clay soil. Please help! How long should we be watering them?
What do you mean by mulching in the winter time to protect the early buds. My plant is 3 foot tall- do mean mulch the top of the dirt?
My hydrangea leaves have brown/black spots on them every year. Other species I have do not do this. Try not to water plants just roots. Can you help me figure out what is wrong and what I can do to fix.
I am getting ready to plant my Berry White hydrangeas. Should they be mulched?
Purchased two Tiger Eyes Sumac Staghorn plants and I want to transplant them into container pots. How do I treat the root balls which are not holding much water from original containers. Do I cut into the root balls to rid the dry soil or just loosen and leave the original soil on the plants? Will garden soil plant material in sacks be a good medium for new planting? I can add to garden soil with cedar grove or fertilize.
Do you recommend dividing Endless Summer Hydrangeas and if so what time of the year do you recommend?
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