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I have four Endless summer hydrangeas that are about 5 years old. Planted in various areas of sun to partial sun in our yard. I rarely get blooms. This year I got one bloom of all four plants. I cut them down in the fall as I thought this was the variety that bloomed on new wood. Is this the problem?
If the flowers are drooping to the ground, should I prop them up with supports?
My hydrangea blossoms are very large and are turning brownish and dropping some petals. Should I cut off the blossoms to encourage new blooms? Otherwise the plants appear healthy.
I have three Endless Summer Hydrangeas in different locations around my house about 20 minutes north of Chicago. The plants all seem healthy and continue to grow but have yet to produce any flowers. Back on Fourth of July weekend I gave them all Dr Earth acid lovers fertilizer hoping this would give them the boost that they needed. I have yet to see any results. Any assistance you could offer would be greatly appreciated.
About a week ago I planted one midnight magic crape myrtle and one lunar magic crape myrtle in my backyard. They get full sunlight, I’ve watered twice but the leaves are starting to wilt, they look like they are dying. Is there anything specific I can do to prevent them from dying
I think my new flowers are getting too much sun. I have watered 2xs a day. I am in Nj. Weather is hot.
How do I care for Cinnamon Girl Distylium?
When and what is the best way to remove Hydrangea blooms once they are turning brown, or cycled through their color?
Is there any pruning to be done after the flowers die off?
We have moved to Naples, Florida and I MISS the hydrangeas that I had at our home in Ohio. Can i grow endless summer hydrangea’s in Florida? Can you guide me where to get some?
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