Blossoming Questions

I have a First Edition Berry White Hydrangea. It’s new and was planted last fall and has beautiful blooms. But it keeps losing leaves. They turn…sort of a very dark yellow…but more brown, really and fall off. It have it on a drip system so I can adjust how much water it gets. I live in Zone 7 and it’s over 100 each day right now, so I am giving the plants on my drip about 20 mins. of water a day. Not sure what to do? It is getting too much or note enough water?
Can a summer crush hydrangea live in zone 7? Shade in the morning sun in afternoon.
My endless summer hydrangeas look like they are dying. The pots didn’t have drainage holes so soil was always wet. Put holes in now for drainage. Will they come back?
I think my new flowers are getting too much sun. I have watered 2xs a day. I am in Nj. Weather is hot.
How do I care for Cinnamon Girl Distylium?
We have moved to Naples, Florida and I MISS the hydrangeas that I had at our home in Ohio. Can i grow endless summer hydrangea’s in Florida? Can you guide me where to get some?
When is a good time to plant hydrangeas in South Florida and is there a specific bloom that is hardier in this region?
This is an endless bloom hydrangea that I planted a few weeks ago. As you can see the old blooms are turning brown but it does have some new blooms. What are most concerned about is the leaves and why they look like this. I water on average daily or every other day and it gets 4 to 6 hours of morning sun then all shade. I have not used any fertilizer. I have some other hydrangeas a few feet away and they look OK. However, they are not in less blue hydrangeas. They are white robe hydrangeas. Thank you for your help!
We have two hydranges that appear healthy and growing , but have never bloomed.
What is a good shrub to plant now in mid-June when temps are in the 70s to 90? Morning sun, afternoon shade.
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