Blossoming Questions

Pleeeeease help. SOS…
I need help because my hydrangeas continue to decline. It looks like they are spiraling just down now. I have attached today’s picture. They’ve been in morning sun/pm shade, moist, and last week I did add 1/2 oz of bone meal and 1/2 oz de-acidifier to soil. Thoroughly wet it afterwards. I’m trying not to give up…. help please.
Will Endless Summer The Original bloom in full, bright shade? I want to plant them at the edge of a lawn against the north wall of the house.
Do any of your varieties do well in shaded locations with only a little sun?
Need tips on planting my “Pink Sparkler”
Could you please let me know if I can grow hydrangeas in south florida? I loved them when I was in CT but do not know in South Florida.
What is the best hydrangea for shade and one that blooms a lot?
I just purchased a 2 gallon Endless Summer. Can I plant this in a raised garden bed? Or a pot and what size?
I am wondering if I’m doing something wrong since one of our Endless Summer hydrangeas is not blooming. Both hydrangeas were planted at the same time. We added some soil meant for Azaleas. The hydrangeas are in the shade all day. We have wrapped a soaker hose around each plant so they get watered at the same time. The flowering one is planted next to a man hole which limited its growth on the right side. They are planted in a heavy clay soil. Please help! How long should we be watering them?
Just bought Hydrangea Light-o-Day. Does it need any specific soil requirements. My soil is a bit clay so I was going to add peat.
Which hydrangea are better in AM shade and PM sunny?
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